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About Krista Clements


Krista Clements is an emerging servant leader who holds a Master of Arts degree in Servant Leadership, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Theatre, and a Minor in Psychology, all from Viterbo University.  She has worked as a coach, consultant, presenter, and facilitator in living and emergent systems theory, asset-based community development, universal consciousness, and leadership development for over a decade.  Krista is certified as a Leadership Circle Profile and Collective Leadership Assessment practitioner, in Ethical Leadership in Organizations, Collaborative Leadership Development, and Nonprofit Leadership Development.  She has also completed coursework towards a graduate degree in Pastoral Ministry from St. John's University School of Theology & Seminary.


Krista's background includes experience in religious life and congregations, holistic health communities, small business development and the arts, and she's always looking for new opportunities in which to utilize the tools in her servant leader toolbox.


Krista is an Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master who is attuned in the Usui/Tibetan and Western Reiki with Archangels traditions and an affiliate member of the Reiki Membership Association.  She utilizes her gift of energy awareness and management in her leadership development work, especially when facilitating groups and providing coaching.  She spent five years working in the Spiritual Care department at Franciscan Mayo Healthcare - La Crosse offering therapeutic music, energy work, aromatherapy, guided meditation, spiritual companioning, and chaplaincy to patients and their families.  Krista is an affiliate of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, mom to an amazing computer engineer who will change this world, and friend to all.

She sees the "Whole"

"Krista's modus operandi is to listen, learn and lead with integrity to the project. Building a community is important to
her and involving them through invitation. She sees "the whole" (those that the organization serves) as she plans and
executes projects. It is far more important to maintain the integrity of the process and build something together than
imposing her own biases or self-serving wants to make something happen. 

Leadership Conference Participant 

Let’s Start Working Together!

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